Front Range Roofing offers custom roof fabrication because it yields the best results while saving our customers money.

When someone wears perfectly tailored clothing, it looks amazing. Why? Because every inch of fabric has been custom-tailored to their exact body shape and size. Custom roof fabrication is very similar in concept. Instead of hoping that standard components will fit a specific job, it is better to fabricate custom pieces for a commercial roofing project. Custom fabrication not only saves our customers money, but it creates better seals, better drainage, and a longer-lasting roof in general. Because we take pride in our work, we also love custom component fabrication since it allows us to control the overall quality of our projects.

How custom roof fabrication saves money.

The pandemic had a major impact on global supply chains. High demand and low supply caused the cost of roofing materials to skyrocket. Because we create our own supply, we can control the cost and quality of our materials. In turn, we can pass these savings to our customers. Every commercial roof replacement or roof restoration project requires replacement parts. From roofing panels, scuppers, and soffit systems—our team can help. We custom fabricate these roofing components often and maintain a good inventory of these items, keeping our customers’ projects moving forward. 

Controlling quality with custom roof fabrication.

Quality is everything to us. The more we depend on other manufacturers for commercial roofing components, the more we rely on them for the quality of our projects. We like to control the quality and the consistency of our projects, which is why we have an in-house sheet metal fabrication department. This department sets us apart from other commercial roofing companies. Most—if not all—of our projects involve some level of custom roof fabrication. We specialize in sheet metal panels, flashing, gutters, scuppers, fascia, snow retention systems, and more. When a project requires these components, we have full control over the delivery timeline and the overall quality of the manufacturing.

Keep your project timeline on track with custom roof fabrication services.

As we mentioned earlier, the pandemic wreaked havoc on supply chains. Unless you order material months in advance, lengthy delivery timelines are likely to impact your project. Front Range Roofing Systems has the ability to control the speed of delivery for our custom roofing projects. Our custom roof fabrication services have other benefits as well. Since we can tackle emergency situations faster than most other roofing companies, we reduce the likelihood of further damages due to delays. 

Overall, our clients absolutely love our in-house fabrication department. The reason is simple. It’s an entire department dedicated to controlling quality, lowering costs for our customers, and speeding up project timelines.

Contact us with any questions.

If your project has been held up due to supply chain issues, give Front Range Roofing Systems a call. Our custom roof fabrication services can get your project back on track.