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Colorado business owners know that weather in the Front Range can be unpredictable and unforgiving. Relentless winds in the spring, surprise hailstorms in the summer, and heavy snow in the winter all take a toll on your business’s roof. If not addressed properly, a simple crack or depression in the roof can cause serious long-term damage. Enough damage can lower your property value and put you at risk for more expensive repairs down the line.

Don’t wait until it becomes a problem! Contact Front Range Roofing for a commercial roofing inspection

We’ve been repairing and constructing commercial roofs in Colorado for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve seen all sorts of weather-related damage. We’re confident that we can handle any type of roofing problem that comes our way. Our commercial roofing inspection will help you protect your property value and avoid expensive repairs in the future. There’s no commitment upfront; an initial roof inspection is free. We provide recommendations and a quote to keep your roof in top shape for years to come.

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Get To Know Our Refined Commercial Roofing Inspection Process

We’ve been repairing commercial roofs in Colorado for 30+ years. Front Range Roofing has the experience to ensure that our customers are happy with the final product—and receive the best possible service.


Step 1: Fill Out The Free Quote Form

  • Go to our Quote page and fill out our form with some basic information regarding your roof’s condition and any recent maintenance.
Step 2: We’ll Contact You For More Info

  • Once we receive your completed quote request, we’ll contact you for details. At the same time, we’ll schedule a visit from one of our roofing technicians to perform a FREE roof inspection.
Step 3: Receive a Complete Quote

  • Our technician will take a look at your roof and provide you with a complete quote, based on the inspection and information provided to our reps. Our estimates include our recommendations for your roof so you’re not left in the dark.
Step 4: Decide How You Want To Proceed

  • Once you receive the complete quote, it’s up to you! If you want us to tackle the list of recommendations, just give us the word and we’ll schedule repairs.

Colorado Commercial Roofing Inspection Services for Businesses, Commercial Property Owners, and General Contractors

Quick & Professional Commercial Roofing Inspection and Replacement Services

Opting for “quick-fix” repairs on commercial roofing can be a disastrous money pit. It can be tempting to sacrifice a proper roof repair to cut costs. Yet these decisions end up costing business owners more in the long run.

We have one of the largest commercial roofing inspection, maintenance & repair departments in the Colorado Front Range. After a thorough roof inspection, we can provide a complete quote with recommendations. We can also schedule repairs or a re-roofing project in a timely manner.

Don’t make the mistake of spending more than you expected just to save some money at the moment. Contact our commercial roofing inspection team and have your business’s roof taken care of the right way.

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Emergency Commercial Roof & Leak Repairs Available 24/7 in Fort Collins

Roofing emergencies never occur when it’s convenient for you because a roofing emergency is never convenient. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency commercial roofing inspection and repair services.

Front Range Roofing can handle any roofing emergency that comes our way. We are a proud member of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). All projects undertaken by our experienced Maintenance & Repair team adhere to the NRCA regulations. We know our materials so we also follow the manufacturers’ specifications and guidelines.

In-House Sheet Metal Fabrication for Custom-Built Project Materials

Roofing projects are difficult enough to manage without the stress of dealing with multiple vendors. Thanks to our in-house sheet metal department, that’s not the case with us!

Our skilled craftsmen can fabricate custom sheet metal panels for all types of commercial roofing projects. We also take the extra step by installing the materials. That way, you deal with even fewer vendors and can trust the work we do. Front Range Roofing completes your project from start to finish. 

We can handle wall panels, beams, metal reframing, downspouts, and snow retention systems. Learn more about our Maintenance & Repair department and how we can help with your business’s roof project.

Front Range Roofing helps facility managers, commercial property owners, and general contractors recover from weather events and construction accidents—and have done so for many years. From commercial roofing inspection to repairs, we have Colorado covered for all your roofing needs.

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