Commercial Flat Roof Repairs and Maintenance.

Flat roofs are one of the most common types of roofs on commercial buildings. Like any roof, a major cause for commercial flat roofing repair is leaking. Roof leaking is a result of wear and tear, as well as standing water because of clogged drains. There are many signs your commercial flat roofing is in need of repair and maintenance. Blistering, split seams, and bubbling are all potential signs that you need commercial flat roof repairs

It’s best to catch these signs early. Once there are deeper cracks in your commercial flat roofing, the standing water will leak into the building. The leaking has the potential to cause damages to the building’s structure. No matter what stage your commercial flat roof repairs are in, Front Range Roofing Systems is here to help.

Northern Colorado’s Top Choice for Commercial Flat Roofing.

For over 30 years, Front Range Roofing Systems has been constructing and repairing commercial flat roofing. People in northern Colorado know how crazy and unpredictable the weather can be. Roofs commonly receive the brunt of the weather-related damage. If there’s a problem with your commercial flat roofing, contact us today! We can provide recommendations and a quote to keep your roof in top shape for years to come. 

Why Commercial Flat Roofing?

Commercial flat roofing is everywhere. From apartment buildings to schools to factories, commercial flat roofing is common. The reason being flat roofs are often an economical, efficient choice for your commercial space. 

Commercial flat roofing gets a bad rap because of how the structure differs from sloped roofs. A common misconception is that commercial flat roofs get more damage than sloped roofs, and therefore cost more money. Sloped roofs, however, need more materials than flat roofs, and can require just as much repair and maintenance. With regular maintenance and commercial flat roof repairs from Front Range Roofing Systems, commercial flat roofing can be the more economical choice. 

Another reason why building owners choose commercial flat roofing is height restrictions. As a building owner, you want to maximize the available space. A flat roof means you can build just as high, but use the space normally reserved for an attic. A square, flat roof provides more efficient space. 

Commercial flat roofing is nothing new. Most commercial buildings in northern Colorado have commercial flat roofing, so we’re experts. Contact us today for all your commercial flat roof repairs and maintenance needs. Contact us today for a professional quote!

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