If any of your managed properties have commercial roof damage, address it IMMEDIATELY.

There are a few steps that you should take when one of your commercial properties experiences roof damage. Even light damage can contribute to water intrusion and further structural damage. Our advice is to take immediate action no matter what. Sometimes this will be obvious (i.e., a visible crater in the rooftop), but oftentimes the damage may seem insignificant. It’s best not to take any chances. Make sure you have a reputable commercial roofing company ready to help.

First Step: Contact Your Commercial Roofing Team

This might be an obvious first step, but your insurance company will need a quote for repairs. The sooner you reach out to a commercial roofing company, the sooner you can get on their schedule. Have those repairs started right away and save your building from further damage. We say this a lot, but it is best to hire a company that specializes in commercial roof damage. Many commercial buildings have flat roofs. While common in the commercial industry, most residential roofing companies will not have much experience with flat rooftops. Whichever company you choose, make sure they have the experience you need.

After a significant weather event such as hail, your commercial roofing company should survey the damage. If the roof needs repairs, they can provide a quote. While best to take care of all repairs, an expert can advise which repairs are a higher priority. Quote in hand, you can now submit your insurance claim. Ask the technician for as many photos as possible so the insurance team has what they need for your claim. In some cases, the fix could be very simple and affordable—bypassing the need for an insurance claim at all.


Second Step: Contact Your Insurance Team

Your roofing partner found serious commercial roof damage and supplied a customized quote for repairs. The next step is to start your insurance claim. Nobody enjoys dealing with insurance—but hail, heavy snow, or the occasional tornado will remind you why you have it. 

When contacting your agent, take the time to review your policy. This event is a good opportunity to make sure you have the appropriate coverage for your needs.


Third Step: Schedule Repairs

Once you learn what your insurance claim covers, you can now confirm the repairs with your roofing partner. At this point, they are aware of any damages and they’ve already supplied you with a quote. Getting on the schedule as soon as possible is important. Many commercial contractors have extensive lead times, especially during busy storm seasons. Extreme weather can happen at any time of the year along the Front Range so scheduling repairs is even more critical. 

Front Range Roofing Systems has an emergency repair team. In fact, it’s currently the largest team in Wyoming and Colorado. This crew of experts allows us to offer turnaround times. Our clients expect efficient, high-quality service, and we deliver on that promise. A structurally sound roof is important for any business. We have you covered—both in a literal and figurative sense—when it comes to commercial roof repair. The last thing you need is commercial roof damage causing more major issues.

Remember: Don’t Wait!

The most important message we want to convey is the urgent repair of any commercial roof damage. To the naked eye, the damage might not seem bad. A trained eye, however, might find a  different situation. It’s critical to discover these issues quickly so a professional can address them in a timely manner.