Protect your valuable property investment with a modern commercial roof leak detection system.

There’s nothing worse than getting a call from your tenant or property manager about a leaky roof. The most obvious concern is damage to the structural integrity of the roof or building. If the space houses sensitive materials or equipment, there’s additional urgency for a solution. Commercial flat rooftop leaks are a common problem. A simple commercial roof leak detection system could save a large amount of money and stress.

Flood testing isn’t the only option.

About 20 years ago, flood testing was the only way to detect commercial rooftop leaks. As the name implies, this process required a technician to flood the rooftop with water to find water intrusions. While this was an effective method, the technology improved over the past 20 years. You no longer have to actually flood your roof (thankfully) to reveal damaged areas. Electronic leak detection systems (ELD) are highly adopted now.


ELD (Electronic Leak Detection) Systems

Without going into too much detail, an ELD is basically a thin membrane directly under the waterproof layer of the roofing system. There are two different types of ELDs. One system involves a completely dry, thin membrane that is fully exposed—known as high voltage ELD. The other system—low voltage ELD—employs a wet membrane and the use of low voltage electric currents.  Both types of commercial roof leak detection systems can locate intrusions by monitoring electric fields above and below the underlying waterproof layer of your commercial roof.

A continuous system set-up involves stretching leak detection wiring around the perimeter of the rooftop. Wetting the top of the membrane creates an electrical plate. The structural decking below the waterproof layer of your commercial roof functions as the lower electrical plate. The actual waterproof membrane of the roof is the insulator. Any gap in the membrane creates a detectable electrical short. A member of the team can then use a specialized probe to find the exact location of the water intrusion. This simple, but effective, process allows for a faster fix—helping to prevent further, serious damages.

In many cases, you can monitor the data from your leak detection system in real-time from a mobile device.


Protect your building—and its contents —for surprisingly low cost.

The simplicity and convenience of an electronic leak detection system makes it a valuable tool. A commercial roof leak detection system like ELD is especially helpful if the building contains sensitive materials or equipment. We recommend researching commercial roof leak detection systems for your commercial property. The expense could save you stress, headaches, and prevent costly damages. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team for more information.

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