Commercial roof inspections might not seem important or urgent. Ignoring regular commercial roof inspections, however, could result in costly repairs.

If you are a commercial property investor or a commercial facilities manager (or a property manager), you have likely managed a commercial roof restoration and/or replacement. A good rooftop should go unnoticed, but it should not be out of mind entirely. It is imperative that a professional inspect the roof every season. When it comes to commercial roof inspections, you need to be on top.

An expert commercial roofer knows what to look for. Small repairs can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road.

If you’re skipping out on annual commercial roof inspections, you could be ignoring serious issues. An experienced inspector will look for potential issues, like ponding, damaged flashing, or drainage system failures. A small repair project might save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in foundational or structural damages in the future.

Smaller restoration projects can help extend the life of the roof.

At Front Range Roofing Systems, we handle a large number of commercial roof inspections every year. In most cases, a well-maintained commercial roof can last up to 25 years—but that is only possible with precision maintenance and care. Annual inspections will help spotlight potential issues. While there’s often a mix of major and minor fixes, our team does not usually recommend balancing the risk with the cost of repairs.  If we see a pond forming on your flat commercial roof, we want to know why it isn’t draining (and create a plan of action to improve the drainage). If we see damaged flashing around the edges of the building’s cooling system, we will want to seal those edges to avoid water intrusion. Many small repairs can save your commercial property investment from avoidable damages. You won’t know what repairs the roof requires without a proper maintenance schedule—which should include annual commercial roof inspections.

Did your property recently weather a nasty storm? You may need more than one inspection per year.

In some cases, a couple of inspections might be necessary within a single calendar year. This is especially true if your property is along the Northern Front Range of the Rockies. Colorado commercial property investment can be lucrative, but the weather is especially unpredictable. If the building has gone through very heavy snow, hail, high winds, or heavy rain—call your roofing contractor and schedule a commercial roof inspection. You don’t need to have an inspection after every rainstorm but use your best judgment. Severe weather can happen any time of year and it never hurts to be safe.

Are you selling your property? A strong history of good roof maintenance will help you get top dollar.

At some point, you might want to sell your commercial property. The buyer’s insurance and mortgage companies will scrutinize a LOT of different factors during the sale process. For example, they will want to examine the building’s maintenance history. If the buyer can prove that water intrusion occurred and caused significant structural and/or foundational damage, they will certainly offer a lower price. After all, they will have to fix the issues if the seller doesn’t.

Annual commercial roof inspections can save you so much money and stress. Just go for it.

When in doubt, call your commercial roofing partner. They will be able to tell you if an inspection is a good idea. The best way to ensure you’re on top of roof maintenance is to have a maintenance contract with a trusted commercial roofing company. They will take this completely off your hands and manage the schedule for maintenance and inspections. A reliable commercial roofing partner will also provide quotes on needed repairs. If your property is due for a commercial roof inspection, call us today! We can schedule a time to stop by your property and take a look.