Save yourself a lot of money and frustration. Follow these simple TPO roof maintenance tips.

Front Range Roofing Systems has a LOT of experience with commercial thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing. We use this special single-ply roofing membrane in many of our projects because of its inherent strength, durability, and cost. TPO is perfect for sunny Colorado because it is both UV resistant and highly reflective. It also happens to be tear-resistant—a superb solution for our frequent Colorado hail storms—and the seams are super strong. TPO is one of the best roofing materials available for Colorado commercial properties. While it is quite amazing, regular maintenance is necessary to maintain its strength and protective qualities. Check out some curated TPO roof maintenance tips from the experts here at Front Range Roofing.

Safety should ALWAYS come first.

TPO can be an extremely slippery material. If you plan to take on any maintenance or rooftop washing on your own, you must strictly adhere to all documented fall safety requirements. Please be careful! Our team has specific safety training for these types of activities. Professional upkeep may not be in the budget, but consider the potential hazards. Commercial rooftop maintenance is actually quite dangerous. We recommend leaving it to trained professionals.

Many factors determine how often you should clean your TPO roof, but you should clean it with some regularity.

Dirt and dust accumulation, rainfall, high winds—each of these factors can help you determine if your TPO rooftop needs a “bath.” Before washing, remove any leaves, branches, or other debris. Be sure to block or protect any open areas where water can intrude as well. Don’t forget to test a small area of the roof to ensure your cleaning supplies won’t damage the roof material. A basic, mild, household detergent—plus a little water and a brush (or broom)—is enough to clean away dirt, dust, and debris. It’s not necessary to scrub too much. A low-pressure washer is effective at rinsing away any soap and suds. We do NOT recommend a high-pressure washer because it can damage the TPO material.

Cleaning away debris will help your roof do its job, but remember to confirm all the cleaning water drains away. The last thing you want is standing water on a flat commercial rooftop!

Inspect your TPO seams.

Scheduling regular inspections with a professional commercial roofing contractor is a good move. TPO is an amazing single-ply commercial roofing material, but its seams need regular attention. For example, rooftops in Colorado get super hot. High temperatures can break down TPO material and make the seams start to curl. It is important to check the TPO seams regularly and ensure there are no areas for water to intrude. Because of general wear and tear of a TPO rooftop, we recommend annual inspections. We also suggest inspections after any significant weather event, such as hail, tornadoes, and heavy rain or snow.

TPO roof maintenance can lengthen the total lifetime of your roofing materials.

The differential cost between a total commercial roof placement vs. a restoration can be astronomical. Any commercial roof—regardless of quality—will eventually need a full replacement. Proper and routine TPO roof maintenance, however, can delay the inevitable. In many cases, regular maintenance can add 5–10 years to the lifetime of a commercial roof. Avoid the heavy cost of an emergency full commercial roof replacement and schedule TPO roof maintenance.

Your commercial TPO rooftop needs regular inspections and maintenance.

If you look through our commercial roofing project portfolio you’ll notice that most of our projects use thermoplastic polyolefin. It’s an amazing material that works great for restorations and replacements alike. When it comes to TPO, you won’t find another company in Colorado or Wyoming with better experience. To schedule an inspection with Front Range Roofing Systems, contact us. A service representative will return your message and schedule your next inspection.