Weld County Courthouse

The Weld County Courthouse, an historic landmark which first opened in 1917, is managed by Weld County Buildings and Grounds who gave the go ahead with the re-roof project in January, 2006. The structure is a heavily used public building with public parking all around and offers an underground parking facility right next to the courthouse.

Accessibility Challenges

Stocking for this project required blocking part of the street and rerouting local traffic. This process was done very early in the morning to minimize the impact to the public. This coordination included Weld County to handle traffic control, Sterling Crane to provide the crane, and Allied Building Products to handle material delivery. All necessary equipment and materials were loaded onto this project and all parties had left the area early in the morning to lessen disruption to vehicles and pedestrians trying to access the courthouse.

Carlisle Fleeceback Roof Solution

After visual inspection, it was determined that this project was a perfect candidate for a Carlisle 60 mil Fleeceback EPDM system, to be installed in low rise adhesive. The existing construction was a silver-coated 3-ply smooth built-up roof with Perlite insulation over a Pyrobar gypsum panel deck set in steel C-channels. Due to the composition of this deck, mechanical type fasteners could not be utilized to install the new roof system. In addition, the existing slope of the roof was 6:12, further limiting the alternatives for a new roof installation.

With the help of Mr. Greg Ham of Coastal Specified Products, a re-roof specification was developed to install the Fleeceback roof system. The tenacious adhesive characteristics of the Fast-100 were included in the specification to contend with the slope of the structure therefore eliminating the need to mechanically attach to the existing Pyrobar deck.

The re-roof process began with the silver coating of the high walls prior to installing the Fleeceback membrane. The Fleeceback membrane was installed with a bead application of Fast-100 to eliminate overspray potential associated with the adhesive in a full spray application. Upon completion of the Fleeceback membrane, D&D Monarch Sheet Metal was employed to install the counterflashing to complete the project

Again at the conclusion of the project, similar early morning coordination was required for removal of excess materials and equipment from this project. No disruption was caused to the occupants of this building.

Satisfied Owner – Excellent Installation

This project was completed on time and within budget for the building owner. A 15 year NDL warranty was provided by Carlisle Syntec. Front Range Roofing Systems, LLC is proud to have been the contractor to perform the challenging roof installation on this historic building.