East Memorial School

Design Challenge

The challenge of completing the roofing of East Memorial Elementary School in Greeley was not safety related or scope of work related, but was from the initial architectural design of the roof deck. This structure was designed to be three separate hexagonal floating roof sections supported by cables and comprised of twelve different diamond sections to make each of the three pods.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Each of the diamond sections was simultaneously concave and convex in opposite directions and made for a complicated insulation and membrane layout.

The initial scope of work included removal of the existing roofing to the metal deck. This tear-off procedure required the removal of a single ply membrane over 3” of insulation and a gravel surfaced BUR over insulation. In most cases the tear-off was 6’, but as many as 18” in certain areas. This led to tie off challenges as we installed 5” total during the roofing procedure. We had to complete entire diamond areas daily to get to a ridge for a proper tie off.

The most difficult challenge was the installation of insulation and membrane over the curved deck. The deck was curved in two different directions and had washers welded to the deck to retain the curvature. No two pieces of insulation butted together cleanly without cutting and fitting in separate pieces. The 2.5” insulation did not want to conform to the deck and the base layer had to be fastened in place prior to the top layer being installed. Due to the cutting of insulation, this project required 240 squares of insulation per layer to roof 210 squares of actual roof area. The membrane installation was also challenging in that the raised roof was visible and aesthetics were a major concern. The owner wanted a clean finished look to the roof system, as it is visible from the ground. Piecing together of membrane, while acceptable with this system, was not what the owner was looking for. To provide what the owner wanted 274 squares of Fibertite membrane was installed over 210 squares of roof area to provide a clean finished look to the roof system.

The Final Challenge

The final challenge on this project was the cable support brackets for the deck. Originally 2’x 1’ pitch pans were installed and had become a maintenance problem. To solve this problem, each bracket was framed out with ¾” plywood and individually wrapped to eliminate maintaining pitch pans as well as provide a more aesthetically pleasing finished product.

To complete this re-roof procedure, bronze clad metal was installed on the perimeter with integral spitters, fabricated by D&D Monarch in 18 places. All projections were raised to a minimum of 12” and tapered insulation was provided in the center of each pod to facilitate drainage.

There were no unusual safety concerns on this project as it is surrounded on all sides by an EPDM roof no more than 6’ below the re-roof area. Access proved to be a little more demanding as it took 3 different staging areas for the three different pods over finished landscaping.
When this project was completed the owner was provided with what they had requested. An aesthetically pleasing, color coordinated roof system that will last them for many years.