Bittersweet East

Energy Requirements / Time Constraints / Weather Hindrance

The “East Retail at Bittersweet Shops” hailed out roof replacement began after successful negotiations with the owner and insurance company in September, 2012.  The owner requested that the roof be completed by year-end.

The job required the removal and disposal of 14,000 SF of Mechanically Attached PVC membrane, then new insulation and a ¼” Dens Deck cover board was installed to meet new energy code requirements. The cover board was included and the new FiberTite membrane was Fully Adhered in order to possibly prevent another hail event, thus saving a repeat disruption and distraction to the tenants in the future.

Work began in October, and after an early season snow that slowed construction by 10 days, Front Range Roofing Systems, LLC completed the work the week after Thanksgiving and closed the entire project prior to year-end, much to the satisfaction of the owner.